Upcoming Posts and Northern Jazz

I have multiple posts in the works on new albums, old albums, gear mods — even literature. But unfortunately my time has been recently monopolized by the ol’ day job.

In the mean time, enjoy the smoking tones of Canadian jazz legend and Tele-master Ed Bickert. One of the most unpretentious and understated guitarists in the genre. Unfortunately his records are kind of hard to come by, though a few are downloadable through iTunes and Amazon. “Out of the Past” is a solid solo outing, while my personal favorite is his collaboration with Paul Desmond on the live album “Paul Desmond Quartet Live,” recorded in 1975 not long before Desmond passed away. It’s a great example of seemingly telepathic interplay between master musicians, and a lesson for guitarists on how to provide sophisticated yet unobtrusive lead accompaniment.

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