Noise Boxes

My friend and former acoustic collaborator Jana Pochop has been on the road recently with Susan Gibson. Jana recently picked up an uber-cool Epiphone Riviera and has been brushing up on her electric chops. That includes dusting off her collection of effects pedals, which inspired me to do the same. As discussed in a previous post, I went through a slightly unhealthy effects acquisition phase in college. I’ve been studying jazz mostly for the past couple years, which means my pedals haven’t seen much action.

The current state of my pedal rig is pictured. From bottom right to top left it includes:

  • Ernie Ball VP Jr Volume Pedal
  • Vox 847 Wah Pedal
  • MXR Dyna-Comp Compressor
  • Ibanez TS9DX Overdrive (Analog Man modded)
  • Boss DS-1 Distortion (modded per Keeley DS-1 Ultra specs)
  • Line 6 Echo Park Delay
  • Boss TU-2 Tuner

It’s a pretty basic assortment as far as pedal boards go, and I’m really not keen on seeing it grow much larger. I’m mostly a roots music player, and in an ideal world I would keep things limited to guitar, cord, and amp. It’s fun though to unleash the fuzz and feedback every once in a while, and it’s pretty much expected in some contexts that an electric guitar player will have certain standard effects available.

I have long terms plans for the rig. The Line 6 Echo Park is probably going to get replaced by something simpler and smaller. It’s a versatile delay, but really more complicated than necessary for my purposes; it’s also brick-like in size and hogs batteries/electricity. I also want to find a good tremolo pedal; I used to have a Boss TR-2, but could never get past the annoying volume drop it effected when engaged. The MXR needs a good cleaning, as it’s about 30 years old and starting to crackle and pop. Probably more important than new pedals, I’m aiming to upgrade the basic infrastructure of this rig. That includes a more solid board to replace the current no-name model, a good multi-pedal power supply, and some quality cables to link everything together. Fortunately I’m in no rush and can take my time scouting out good deals.

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