Biding Time with Bick’

Managing a job, writing a dissertation, preparing for a jazz ensemble recital… All these things and more have been consuming my not-so-infinite free time in recent weeks. This is despite having a backlog of blogging content including artist spotlights, album reviews, and gear tests. Oh, and soon enough I’m going to be migrating all of the existing content to a newer, hipper blog format.

In the meantime, I recently found out our friends to the north are celebrating Ed Bickert’s 80th birthday. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will be airing a tribute show on November 29th, and an album of previously unreleased material is set to hit the shelves on December 7th. Much of Bickert’s material is unfortunately out of print these days, so a new release is always exciting news.

3 thoughts on “Biding Time with Bick’

  1. yeah.. I can feel what you are feeling when you don’t have enough time for your hobby. What is your new blog format that you call “hippier”? 😀

    • I believe that you have known these:
      1. Buy a domain (.com)
      2. Buy a hosting (host gator is the best now), so that you can own your content.
      3. Choose and instal CMS (wordpress is the most popular with abundant themes and even free, and wordpress is great for SEO; but you can choose Joomla for more options and advancements).
      4. Happy blogging 😀

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