Fender offering necks & bodies (again)

The Telecaster forum is abuzz with news that Fender is selling individual necks and bodies. Long-time Fender fans probably remember that the company offered vintage-style replacement necks and bodies until about five or six years ago, though the options were pretty limited. Now Fender is offering a few more options in the form of American Standard and made-in-Mexico Standard series bodies and necks. The American-made prices in particular are a little steep — you can still save money (and have a complete guitar) by nabbing a used instrument (or waiting for a good Musician’s Friend sale). However, it seems like a step in the right direction for Fender. Part of the allure of their guitars is the ease of mod-ability — everything is bolted and screwed together, with literally hundreds (if not thousands) of options for after-market parts. Folks still want that classic logo on the headstock though, and this offers a legitimate, non-trademark infringing option for partscaster builders everywhere. Hopefully they expand the range of options to include some more vintage-authentic parts, which would attract those builders assembling instruments inspired by Fender’s golden era.

From the Fender website:

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