Thanks in part to leads from friends and N.O.S. readers, I finally managed to set up some sessions with a local guitar instructor. In preparation for my first lesson, I’m brushing up on chord and scale forms. While excited, I have to admit to being a little intimidated as well. My teacher will be DC-area guitarist Steve Herberman (see vid below), who’s appeared on the cover of Just Jazz Guitar magazine and received glowing album reviews from Downbeat and JazzTimes.

I’m also pursuing leads on a couple community jazz ensemble programs. I played in one while studying at the John Payne Music Center in Boston, and found it a great setting for applying the concepts I was learning. My long-term goal in all of this is to acquire chops that will let me hook up with a gigging jazz ensemble. I’m hoping to more regularly update readers on my progress in that direction; the “chops” section of this blog has been a little thin.

3 thoughts on “Woodsheddin’

  1. Hi – really like this blog. Would love to hear your impressions of studying with Steve (who is indeed a fantastic player). It would be interesting to know what sort of material you are working on as you work on your jazz chops.


    • Hi punkbop,
      Thanks for checking out the blog. I’ll be providing an update soon on that subject. I’ve only had a couple lessons so far, but Steve’s a great guy and he’s definitely given me some useful exercises to work through.

      • Thanks – I am very interested in your experience thus far. I would love to take lessons from Steve, but feel that my skill level is not worthy. I do appreciate your blog though – it’s rare to find fellow guitar platers who swing the pendulum from the americana style all the way to the jazz side (I love both). Bonus points for the Jim campilongo appreciation – he is a tremendously talented and underrated guitar talent!

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