Blame the music…

…for my lack of posting. Between lessons and ensemble preparation, I’ve been hitting the woodshed pretty hard. Having a day job doesn’t help either. Speaking of which, it feels good to occasionally haul my axe on the bus and prop it in the corner of my cubicle, awaiting evening ensemble practice. Makes me feel kinda like…a musician.

While on the job last week, I happened to spot a keyboard in the office of a fellow D.C. bureaucrat. Who knows why it was there — it could have been a Christmas gift for someone’s kid. I like to think though that it was an individual much like me, holding down a desk job while harboring a secret desire to escape the office permanently and eek out a living playing tunes.

Posts are coming, including recent tuneage from bearded dudes with guitars and a weekend test drive involving Fender’s latest retro retread.


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