6-String Web Roundup, Nov 2013 Edition

The interwebs abound with great guitar content — far more than most of us can keep tabs with. For my latest N.O.S. posting experiment, I’m going to aggregate some of the highlights on at least a monthly basis. Obviously the roundup is skewed toward my preferences, so feel free to submit additions in the comments!

The sunburst Fender Stratocaster strummed by Bob Dylan at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival is up for auction. Just like that landmark performance, there’s some controversy surrounding the guitar.

Speaking of famous Fenders, two of the company’s master builders recently had the opportunity to examine two heavily modded Mustangs used by Kurt Cobain on the In Utero sessions. Talk about a dream job. More video please!

Another live preview of Jim Campilongo’s upcoming Dream Dictionary is up on YouTube. I can’t be the only who thinks that a Tom Waits-Jim Campilongo collaboration would be epic. Check out “Nang Nang” to hear why.  

Vintage Guitar profiled a 1965 Supro combo amp that may or may not be the same model used by Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin I. It’s a whole lotta amp in an 18-watt package.

Reverend announced several new signature model instruments, including a fifth Pete Anderson guitar. The hollowbody PA-1C features two humbuckers and a fixed tail piece, offering a more conventional alternative to the Bigsby-equipped PA-1 and PA-1RT.

The organ trio of Peter Bernstein (g), Larry Goldings (org), and Bill Stewart (b) was featured on NPR’s “Live at the Village Vanguard.” Killer stuff. Also, check out Peter’s latest album Live@Cory Weeds’ Cellar Jazz Club.

Gruhn Guitars has a 1940 Stromberg Master 400 for sale once owned by none other than Freddie Green. The ad for the 19″ acoustic archtop is accompanied by an amazing vintage photograph of the Basie band with electric jazz pioneer Charlie Christian. 

Finally, no matter the bond that may exist between picker and ax, perfectly good guitars don’t belong six feet under. Dear Prudie agrees.

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