Live Review: The Boss at Fenway

I posted a few weeks back on the New Yorker’s recent profile of Bruce Springsteen. Reading the article – which does a magnificent job of describing Bruce’s dedication to both songwriting and live performance – inspired me to check out his August 15th show at Fenway Park. It’s by far the most I’ve spent on a concert ticket, and I was a little hesitant given what I’d read about Fenway as a concert venue; the historic ballpark wasn’t designed with rock & roll acoustics in mind, and isn’t easily adapted to live music in the same way as more modern stadiums. Also, this was the second of two consecutive shows booked at the venue and I was worried the band might expend all of its energy the first night. I should have more faith in the Boss; the performance was nothing short of epic.

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Nils Lofgren Shreds on “The Ghost of Tom Joad”

N.O.S. is going to be Bruce-heavy for the next couple weeks. I’m checking out the Boss on the 15th at Fenway, and am pumped to say the least. The performance in the video is one that makes you want to strap on an electric guitar and join a rock & roll band. It’s also worth checking out Tom Morello’s solo on this tune (from the same tour I think). A similarly great performance, but I have to say I prefer Nils. Minimal effects other than some intense overdrive/distortion; the tone is mostly his fingers, a Strat, and a cranked amp (or two).

In case you’re wondering about the funky attachment on the headstock, check out the video below from Fender.