M. Ward Conjures A Wasteland Companion

The “indie” music scene (whatever that means nowadays) is not known for spawning guitar gods. That’s not to say there’s a shortage of solid guitarists on call, but the instrument doesn’t tend to be front and center – at least in the classic rock & roll sense. The instrument tends to be a vehicle for the song, rather than vice versa. Which is probably as it should be, especially when the song is well-crafted and deserves to be the center of attention. M. Ward – equal parts guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and all-round manipulator of soundscapes – understands this, which is why I was looking forward to his latest solo album, A Wasteland Companion.

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M. Ward…

…is a great songwriter, guitarist, arranger, and producer. This tune is one of the highlights off his latest album, A Wasteland Companion. A review of that album is coming, along with an overdue gear comparison of the Vox Amplug and Line 6 Pocket POD, plus other surprises. Stay tuned all you late night TV watchers.