Kickstart Jana Pochop’s Next EP

I’ve dropped Jana Pochop’s name a few times on the blog. She’s a prolific singer-songwriter and a fellow Manzano High School guitar program alumnae. We rocked the Albuquerque folk scene in college. Now Jana’s based in Austin, making her living as a musician and social media entreprenour  She has a new EP on the way, and you can be a part of the creative process via Kickstarter. I can heartily vouch for her first two EPs (see “Resurrection Buzz” from EP2 below), and have no doubt this one will round out an epic trilogy. Think Led Zeppelin I through III — she’s even holding a Les Paul! But fewer Tolkien references. And more emotionally insightful lyrics about the human experience. 11 days left!


Tuneage a-brewin’

Much to look forward to on the six-string musical horizon! I recently received this update from Jim Campilongo headquarters:

“I’m really pleased to announce that the Campilongo Trio with Chris Morrissey and Josh Dion are going to record a new full length album called ‘Dream Dictionary.’ This record will capture what Josh, Chris and I have been up to, which has been really wonderful — if I do say so myself. ‘Dream Dictionary’ will be released sometime this Summer/Fall on i-tunes, CD and vinyl.”

Also this from my good friend and all-around folk hero Jana Pochop:

“I just scheduled some studio time for October at Rubicon with Daniel Barrett. That means there’s gonna be a new EP! Finally!”

And finally this from Kurt Rosenwinkel’s label, Word of Mouth Music:

“In the past few years Kurt has been doing more and more solo shows…Of course it is an open secret that Kurt Rosenwinkel is presently working on a new solo album that we will be releasing on our Wommusic label in early 2014.”

Now the waiting begins…