Practice Space

Fellow blogger gtr1ab, over at Confessions of a Wannabe Guitar Player, recently encouraged readers to share pics of their home practice space. Like him, my space is in a corner of my home office. Music stand and Roland Micro Cube anchor one end; my Ikea desk has a pullout extension that serves as an all-purpose guitar repair bench and work area, usually occupied by my laptop and Band-In-a-Box. The dry-erase board provides space to write out the chords and scales associated with whatever tune I’m currently learning.

Unfortunately I’ve been in a practice rut as of late. Following a recent move, I’ve been without private lessons and a regular practice regimen. I’m hoping to change that soon; any reader suggestions for a good jazz guitar teacher in the DC area would be much appreciated.

On the Road Again: Vox Amplug AC-30 and Line 6 Pocket POD Reviewed

I recently published a series of posts detailing my effort to turn a budget Squier Affinity Tele into a respectable travel guitar. I’ve taken that instrument on several trips now, and am happy to say it’s admirably serving the cause. On my first trip, I hauled the instrument sans amplification. While the guitar resonates loudly enough to practice acoustically, I was soon pining for more righteous amplified tones. Thankfully, there are no shortage of affordable headphone amps on the current market, a far cry from the time when your only option was the venerable Tom Scholz Rockman.

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